Terms & Conditions

Please note we reserved the rights to amend the below mentioned policies without prior notice.
  • We provide short term furniture hire based on 1-3 days or 4-6 days in Singapore. We also provide long term furniture rental that are more than 6 days, kindly contact us for further details.
  • Rental pricing is based on consecutive rental days and cannot be applied on separate alternative dates.
  • Furniture hire will be subjected availability based on the requested date of delivery and collection.
  • Any furniture reservation will be effective upon acceptance/endorsement of the order via e-mail. We reserve the rights not to proceed with delivery upon fulfilment of the payment schedule.
  • We reserves the rights to impose an interest of 5% per month on all outstanding accounts not settled in accordance to terms.
  • Please note furniture hire does not include transportation charges.
  • The Hirer is solely responsible for the furniture used for its intended purpose throughout the usage period.
  • Any possible defects of the furniture shall be checked and acknowledge by us and The Hirer before commencement of the hire. He is require to review and handle furniture hired from us with proper care in accordance with any safety or operations instructions provide by us.
  • The Hirer may only affix/attached items to the furniture hired with prior approval from us that does not damage the integrity of the furniture.
  • Any delay/cost arising from damages and loss of furniture hired caused by The Hirer’s negligence shall be borne by The Hirer.
  • All furniture should also be returned in clean and working condition after usage.
  • In the event of a cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, a minimum of 48 hours of lead time must be provided in advance or The Hirer is to bear a 30% penalty charge for the overall charges. For furnishings that have been delivered on site, there is no cancellation and The Hirer is to borne the full amount payable. For conferences/large-scale events or long term contracts, there is no cancellation and The Hirer is to borne the full amount payable. Please note for specially requested/bespoke items, there will be no cancellation and Hirer is to borne the full amount payable.
  • Pricing per delivery based on items required.
  • Office hours: 9am-6pm
  • After office hours: 6pm-10pm