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Marketing & Advertising Materials

Flyers, posters, social media graphics, advertisements

Brand Design

Logo development, brand identity guidelines, brand collateral design (e.g., brochures, presentations, packaging)

Web & User Interface
(UI) Design

Website design, landing pages, user interface mockups

Multi discipline


As a multidisciplinary creative individual, I eagerly immerse myself in diverse fields to absorb new design styles, incorporating them into my work to enhance and innovate. Hard work is not a challenge but a welcomed opportunity for me, driven by a profound love for the art of design. Passion fuels my creative endeavors, guiding me to push boundaries, refine techniques, and craft captivating designs that resonate with authenticity and excellence. Embracing challenges as avenues for growth, I continually strive to weave a unique narrative through my designs, each project a testament to my unwavering dedication to the craft.

In addition to my broad creative pursuits, I also dabble in the realm of interior design. Infusing spaces with a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personal flair, I approach interior design with the same fervor and commitment as my other creative endeavors. Through a keen eye for detail, an understanding of spatial dynamics, and a touch of artistic intuition, I strive to transform environments into harmonious reflections of style and purpose. Whether through subtle touches or bold statements, I endeavor to create interiors that not only inspire but also enhance the daily experiences of those who inhabit them.

Thomas Lee, Creactive Director

I do a little bit of this, that and everything

Thomas Lee
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Interior Design

creating functional and visually appealing spaces by understanding client needs, developing floor plans, selecting materials and furnishings, coordinating colors and lighting, managing budgets and timelines, and overseeing project implementation. They blend creativity with technical expertise to transform environments into personalized and harmonious settings that meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.

Corporate Design

crafting a cohesive visual identity that extends from a brand’s identity to its marketing materials and event collateral. This integrated approach encompasses elements such as logo design, brand colors, typography, business stationery (e.g., letterheads, business cards), marketing materials (e.g., brochures, posters), website design, social media graphics, packaging design, uniform design, signage and wayfinding, as well as event-specific materials. By unifying these aspects, a brand can present a consistent and compelling image across all platforms, reinforcing its identity and values to stakeholders and audiences alike.

Product Design

focuses on creating and developing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It involves a multidisciplinary approach that includes conceptualizing, designing, and prototyping products to meet the needs of users while considering factors such as usability, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing processes, and the overall user experience. We collaborate closely with various stakeholders, including engineers, marketers, and manufacturers, to bring innovative and marketable products to life. By leveraging creativity, research, and technical expertise, product designers play a key role in shaping the products we interact with daily, striving to enhance functionality, user satisfaction, and market competitiveness.

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